Liu DAI 「戴浏」

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I am an incoming CS Ph.D. student at UC San Diego advised by Prof. Hao Su. Currently I'm a senior CS undergraduate student at Tongji University. I also had the privilege of working closely with Prof. He Wang at Peking University and Prof. Weiwei Guo at Tongji-MIT City Science Lab.

My research interests lie in 3D AIGC and Data-Driven Embodied AI, with a focus on:

  • Generate diverse, interactive and information-rich 3D environments in large scale, especially leveraging generative and foundation models.
  • Develop data-driven and generalizable robot perception and planning algorithms which demonstrate high robustness when being transferred from simulation to the real world.

  • Contact:

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    • 01/2024       One paper is accepted to ICRA 2024!

    • 05/2023       I received the Pursuit of Excellence Scholarship with 50000¥ (≈7000$), which is the highest honor at Tongji.

    • 02/2023       One paper is accepted to CVPR 2023!

    • 12/2022       I received this year's SenseTime Scholarship with 20000¥ (≈3000$), which is an academic scholarship that selects 30 undergrads from all over China in the field of AI.

    • 11/2022       I am awarded with this year's Undergraduate Academic Star of Tongji, the highest honor for undergrads at Tongji.

    Selected Publication

    * : equivalent contribution, : corresponding author(s)

    CGI-Scene: Controllable Generation of Open-Vocabulary Interactive Scenes
    Liu Dai, Fanbo Xiang, Minghua Liu, Hao Su

    Under Review

    [PDF] [Code] [Website]
    GAMMA: Graspability-Aware Mobile MAnipulation Policy Learning based on Online Grasping Pose Fusion
    Jiazhao Zhang*, Nandiraju Gireesh*, Jilong Wang, Xiaomeng Fang, Chaoyi Xu, Weiguang Chen,
    Liu Dai, He Wang

    ICRA 2024

    [PDF] [Code] [Website]
    3D-Aware Object Goal Navigation via Simultaneous Exploration and Identification
    Jiazhao Zhang*, Liu Dai*, Fanpeng Meng, Qingnan Fan, Xuelin Chen, Kai Xu, He Wang

    CVPR 2023

    [PDF] [Code] [Website]

    Research Experience
    • University of California, San Diego
      Research intern advised by Prof. Hao Su
      Apr. 2023 - Present

      • 3D Scene Generation

    • Peking University
      Research intern advised by Prof. He Wang
      Mar. 2022 - Mar. 2023

      • Indoor Object Goal Navigation
      • Robot Dog Mobile Manipulation

    • Tongji-MIT City Science Lab
      Research intern advised by Prof. Weiwei Guo
      Oct. 2021 - Mar. 2022

      • Novel Knowledge Discovery

    Selected Honors and Awards
    • [2024] Distinguished Graduate in Shanghai

    • [2023] Pursuit of Excellence Scholarship by Tongji University (50000¥≈7000$, the highest honor at Tongji, 10/43106)

    • [2023] National Silver Award in Challenge Cup Competition: Entrepreneurship Track (best record in college history)

    • [2022] SenseTime Scholarship (20000¥≈3000$, nationwide selected 30 undergrads in the field of AI in China)

    • [2022] Undergraduate Academic Star of Tongji University (the highest honor for undergrads at Tongji, 15/18536)

    • [2022] Shanghai Gold Award in Internet + Competition

    • [2021] National First Prize in Challenge Cup Competition: Research Track (best record in college history)

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